“La Gitana”

World  percussion & melodies fused into another:
original music  with arrangements of traditional songs from different cultures.

Liron Meyuhas //LA GITANA//  is a multi cultural musical performance, where
influences of world wide years of travel are expressed through music and rhythm.
The show combines traditional rhythms and and cutting edge modern day sounds,
and consists of my original music as well as tributes for musicians who inspired
me along the way.
This performance is an exciting way of being introduced with various exotic
musical instruments: the swiss “Hang”, Senegalese “Kalabash” drum, Arabic “Riq”
frame drum, a Guitar and a loop machine- used for bringing all of these pieces
together and creating a one woman orchestra.

facebook- Liron meyuhas /La Gitana


OUÏE Impro Ethno Jazz – (Israel /Italy)

Liron Meyuhas – Percussion ,hang drum & guitar ,Titta Nesti – Voice, vocal effects and electronics
Ellie Young- Cello, electric cello and recorders.
Our music is influenced by classical, jazz and world music.
Titta – A jazz singer from Italy
Ellie – A classical cellist from Britain
Liron – A world music percussionist from Israel
3 different countries and 3 different cultures join together to create a refreshing, new combination of sounds. 

Facebook  –OUIE

 Malaika – women playing world music

Three female percussionists, african grooves, dance, melodies from far away…
and a lot of beauty 🙂

MaLaiKa :  Roni Parnass ~ Yael Sharoni ~ Liron Meyuhas ~

EPK – Malaika  Facebook – malaikatrio